TIG Welding

Our TIG welding experience gives us the ability to perform precision welds across just about any alloy, including tool steel and various grades of stainless. We rely on TIG welding for crucial die customizations.

MIG Welding

For joint welding and joinery, our MIG welding techniques are the best in the business, with results that speak for themselves. You’ll get strong, durable welds that look as good as you expect them to from a leading shop.

Arc Welding

Need quick and simple welding as part of your custom project or restoration welding job? We are capable of delivering reliable welds that meet the high standards you have for your project.

Multilayer Welding

For maximum ductility, we rely on multilayer welding. Our proven results speak to our multilayer welding capabilities and we guarantee high-level deliverables that stand up to the duress your dies will endure.

Discuss Our Welding Capabilities

Our welding services encompass a broad range of alloys, including all grades of stainless steel and Inconel. We specialize in Finkl FX (Ni-Cr-Mo), 4340 alloy and H-13, as well as other tool steel grades.

To discuss welding restoration, CAD and CAM modeling, prototyping, or anything else with our team or to inquire about custom welding capabilities for your tooling projects, contact Reliable Forge Die & Engineering today at 586-296-5090.