CAD/CAM Modeling

To remain competitive in an ever-evolving industry, we’ve made continual reinvestments to our digital engineering and design tools. Today, Reliable Forge Die & Engineering has a wide range of technologies available to meet our customers’ needs.

Send us your CAD/CAM formats and we’ll get to work breaking down your design blueprints, to determine manufacturability and ensure the design translates flawlessly to our tooling process. We can handle both wireframe and three-dimensional solid models, and we know how to navigate the nuances of your design to make sure no detail is overlooked in the plans.

Quality Assurance

Quality comes first at our forging die shop. You won’t find a more stringent QC process at any other shop in Fraser, MI! We inspect all tooling for size and contour, per customer specifications, in our Quality Control Department. All incoming material is also inspected to ensure it conforms to customer specifications.

Upon passing inspection, we create a process sheet for every job, which follows the project through machining, to welding, to finishing and beyond. This includes customer prints and any special instructions. Jobs are inspected after each operation for adherence to customer tolerances.

Custom Solutions, Uncompromising Excellence

Whether it’s engineering or quality control, Reliable Forge Die & Engineering leans on ISO 9001:2015 Certified processes, and will design a customized program to meet your project’s unique needs. Contact us today at 586-296-5090 to discuss your needs as they apply to CAM and CAD modeling, prototyping, molds, and more.