CNC Milling Capabilities

Few forging die shops in Fraser, MI have the sophisticated capabilities we do when it comes to forging dies. Our CNC machinery has been continuously updated and iterated over the past few decades, to ensure we’re able to meet the specific demands of each customer’s product.

Large table sizes, multi-axis milling equipment, high-speed precision controls and more all contribute to our extensive milling capabilities and the proven excellence we’re known for in our deliverables. From small, complex dies to larger, sophisticated forgings, we meet the stringent specifications of your proprietarily engineered concepts.

Custom Finishing

At our shop in Fraser, MI, we’re able to hand-polish all dies to meet customer specifications for a high-aesthetic finish. We have the ability to achieve any level of surface finish, including a high micro-finish. Our goal is to supply our customers with the quality and finish they demand, to make good on superior expectations.

Need Superior Die Forging?

Reliable Forge Die & Engineering leverages state-of-the-art CNC milling capabilities and decades of forging and die sinking expertise to complete tooling projects for customers across a broad range of industries. To discuss your die design and manufacturing needs with our engineers and sales team to get your project started, contact us today at 586-296-5090 for die forging, welding, CAD modeling, and more.