Injection Molds

Our longstanding experience with injection molds means we’re equipped to provide you with molds suitable for thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Customers come to us because we understand the molding process and tool injection molds to ensure minimal materials waste, superior form and structure, and maximum efficiency when releasing molded products after injection.

Foam Molds

For customers working with rigid urethane foam, we have the ability to produce complex, totally custom foam molds at our facility in Fraser, MI. We have the foresight to produce molds that lend themselves to direct injection expanded foam molding, for improved efficiency during injection and curing, and ease-of-release for finished parts.

Seat Molds

Our experience within the automotive, trucking and aerospace industries makes us an authority on seat molds. We have the capability to produce custom-tooled seat molds for a diverse range of vehicle types and applications, aligned with the properties and specifications our clients demand. Our production quickness and QC combine to ensure our customers get superior-quality molds in a timely manner.

Discuss Our Molding Capabilities

Reliable Forge Die & Engineering works with OEMs across industries, to ensure they have the molds required for injection molding at a high level. From molds designed to handle thermosetting polymers to those used for rigid urethane foam, we’re capable of tooling that produces the most reliable, efficient molds for your production needs.

Contact us today at 586-296-5090 to discuss injection molds and collaborate with our team of engineers about the needs and expectations of your project, be it for molds, die forging, welding, or something else entirely.