CNC Milling...
Our capabilities include close tolerance,
high-speed machining, including hard material.
Our CNC Milling Department is networked from our CAD/CAM Computer Department to receive
critical 3D programming.

Our reliable, state-of-the-art Milling Center includes a variety of precise, quality 3D machining for
various industries, including, Aerospace, Automobile, Trucking and Railroad to name a few.
These types of machining include: - Cavity Dies
                                                    - Fixtures
                                                    - Casings
                                                    - Secondary Tooling
                                                    - Production
                                                    - Prototypes

Our vast variety of machining expertise allows us to machine exotic materials up to Rc. 52.
Start-to-Finish Milling
The process begins in our CNC
Horizontal with precise
machining preparation.
The next step is removing
stock efficiently with our
high-speed NC.
Our detailed roughing takes
us closer to our 3D finish.
Our high-speed processor
allows for a state-of-the-art
Reworked Tooling
Manual Prep.
100" block - 38" under spindle